What is I Dare You to Try

Follow my search for a hyper-specific item in pursuit of a certain look. I show you which styles I gravitate towards, the emotions they elicit, and where they can be found. All ending with which items I will take a chance on, and which ones I won’t. Use my search to streamline your own.

I saw this outfit on NYC Looks' Instagram page and saved the post, when I realized why save it when I can just try it now? The image is of @katieismonster. Breaking down the outfit, here is why I think it is so effective.

My god... the textures in this outfit – genius; sobbing because I don't even know where to start looking for a jacket like this; high waist makes it more modern than drab skirt-shirt-combo; the red and pink in the skirt matches the magenta and pink in the jacket which matches the traces. of pink in the shirt. Chaos becomes order with this consistency and that is crucial; all similar floral sizes upon further inspection.

And here is my attempt, with items from my own closet.

Attempted to mimic the high waist and it definitely benefitted the outfit; all cool colors worked better than trying to mix warm and cool colors together; color similarity between the top and the skirt; blue for the shirt and red in the best was a nice contrast and striking; both the vest and the top have a block-print feel to the, which brings cohesion. View the details of my final picks in my digitized closet: Dress which becomes a skirt, shirt, vest, shoes

Still figuring out the full outfit but found some new item pairings in my closet thanks to the floral boldness in the inspiration photo.

To get a full floral look with my existing closet, I'll be looking out for more block print florals from now on.

P.S. As you can see in the links above, I have a digitized closet where I keep track of my items, outfits, daily wears, and inspiration. If you are interested in learning more or better yet starting your own digital closet during the increased time at home, read about the Cabinet project here (if any of these articles are behind a paywall, email and I will send you the content directly) or email me for more information.