What is I Dare You to Try

Follow my search for a hyper-specific item in pursuit of a certain look. I show you which styles I gravitate towards, the emotions they elicit, and where they can be found. All ending with which items I will take a chance on, and which ones I won’t. Use my search to streamline your own.

I have admired this outfit styled and worn by Reva Bhatt (@hybridhues) for a long time and want to try and emulate her. Breaking down her outfit, here is why I think it is so effective.

Mock neck contrasts the jacket collar neck; single shade of red elongates her body; accessories matched and contrasting the red; oversized jacket = androgynous and nonchalant; structured collar and leather material = formality and edgy; long cuts for the jacket, top, skirt, and hair bob, make the silhouettes cohesive and avant-garde.

Looking at my own closet, I knew I could achieve the monochromatic look with blues, rather than reds. Starting with a leather blazer similar to hers, here is the decision tree step by step while constructing my emulation. All the items in this tree are items I own.

Decision tree of items in my own closet, trying to recreate the elements of this outfit that I love. View the details of my final picks in my digitized closet: Blazer, matched set, boots, purse

Here is my attempt at capturing the essence of the inspiration outfit.

Overlapping collars is too formal for my liking; tried to recreate the silhouette cohesion with short items instead of long items. The long boot contrasts the short hem, giving more edgy vibes; similar matching hues throughout the outfit result in elongation, despite the matched set being printed instead of solid.

While this was a good experiment in matching items I never would have put together otherwise, I think this outfit is fundamentally different from what I wanted to recreate from the inspiration. I think the pieces are too fitted to give the same easy feel as the first outfit. I will have to look for items with longer or looser silhouettes.

P.S. As you can see in the links above, I have a digitized closet where I keep track of my items, outfits, daily wears, and inspiration. If you are interested in learning more or better yet starting your own digital closet during the increased time at home, read about the Cabinet project here (if any of these articles are behind a paywall, email and I will send you the content directly) or email me for more information.