What is Idol-Eyes?

My style idols are people whose fashion choices express their persona and result in a magnetic aura I strive for in my sartorial expeditions. In these posts, I curate looks from my style icons to use as packing list inspiration for long-form situations that occur in my life.

Scenario: Driving to upstate New York for a safe getaway and to celebrate my S/O's 30th birthday with our family.

Who can I look to for inspiration?

Introducing my idols this week:

Micaéla Verrelien

Micaéla dresses like her true self for anything she is doing in her day to day life (I watch her Insta Stories often). She seamlessly goes between sporty, vintage, and sexy looks and has an amazing ability to visually elongate her body through her wardrobe.


This child's style is a delight. Her mom makes a lot of her clothes and styles her for daily outings. The mother's amazing eye, as evidenced on Ainini, shows astute techniques like layering and silhouette pairings that are age-appropriate for all.

Erin Robinson

One of my favorite designers (who won Project Runway, by the way) because she uses bright colors and strong silhouettes to push her outfits. Straight lines and unique materials make her style unique.

Weekend event 1: Outfits I am looking at to start the weekend. Work done, laptops off. Two hour ride in the car and takeout dinner with the in-laws at their house.

Time of day: evening to night

Temperature: 40-50°F

Micaéla Verrelien Ainini Erin Robinson
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Weekend event 2: Outfits for apple picking at a huge orchard.

Time of day: morning

Temperature: 60-65° F

Micaéla Verrelien Ainini Erin Robinson
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Weekend event 3: Meeting my significant other's best friend's new girlfriend for the first time. Hanging out at the house together, then an outdoor brewery, and then a casual dinner.

Time of day: afternoon to night

Temperature: 50-60° F

Micaéla Verrelien Ainini Erin Robinson
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Weekend event 4: Outfits for my husband's 30th birthday celebration during COVID-19. Low-key event with family in the backyard.

Time of day: afternoon to evening

Temperature: 60° F

Micaéla Verrelien Ainini Erin Robinson
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