What is Idol-Eyes?

My style idols are people whose fashion choices express their persona and result in a magnetic aura I strive for in my sartorial expeditions. In these posts, I curate looks from my style icons to use as packing list inspiration for long-form situations that occur in my life.

Scenario: When I was planning to attend my sister's college graduation with family, in Southern California.

Who can I look to for inspiration?

Introducing my idols this week:

Ada Oguntodo

She is British, curvy, wears a lot of prints, and boxy silhouettes. What's not to like?

Masaba Gupta

She is a half Indian, half West Indian fashion designer who also styles her 60 yearold actress mother.

Gabrielle Union

This actress is luminous and super sexy. Her outfits say "I am fun as long as you don't fuck up."

Weekend event 1: Traveling to the graduation via plane. About 4 hours journey.

Time of day: Late morning

Temperature: 75°F

Ada Oguntodo Masaba Gupta Gabrielle Union
Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-9.20.52-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.52.22-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.55.59-PM

Weekend event 2: Bar hopping with all the to-be-grads

Time of day: Night to early morning

Temperature: 80°F

Ada Oguntodo Masaba Gupta Gabrielle Union
Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-9.24.04-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.48.39-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-11.11.54-PM

Weekend event 3: Outdoor graduation ceremony

Time of day: Late morning to early afternoon

Temperature: 80°F

Ada Oguntodo Masaba Gupta Gabrielle Union
Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-9.24.28-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.50.24-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.56.59-PM

Weekend event 4: Celebration family dinner

Time of day: Night

Temperature: 70°F

Ada Oguntodo Masaba Gupta Gabrielle Union
Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-9.25.43-PM-1 Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-10.52.53-PM Screen-Shot-2020-06-06-at-11.15.41-PM