What is My Super Specific Search?

Follow my search for a hyper-specific item in pursuit of a certain look. I show you which styles I gravitate towards, the emotions they elicit, and where they can be found. All ending with which items I will take a chance on, and which ones I won’t. Use my search to streamline your own.

Puffy short-sleeve flow-y cotton summer dress with very little bust definition, in any bright color, and is floor length.

What does that even mean?

Desired feelings when wearing this item are...

Items I am trying so far. All the descriptions below have links, FYI.

While the eyelet pattern and fabric texture of this dress is summery, the silhouette is too hugging for my taste. The shoulder flaps with ruffles are dated and the high neck doesn't suit my large bust. Mango, $79.99
I love the colors and the deep v-neck of this dress. The bust cinching definition makes me hesitant but I will try it nonetheless. H&M, $59.99
I am not a fan of the patchwork design and find this dress dull and ugly. Ganni on Vestaire Collective, $247.59
This dress is a gorgeous color, has puffy sleeves, has lots of volume but still shows skin, and overall has a romantic feel to it. Definitely pricey but will try it in case it is the perfect dress that will get a lot of usage over a long period of time. Think about cost per wear, as opposed to absolute cost when deciding whether to invest in an item. I am confident it will retain its panache over time. Mr. Larkin, $320
I LOVE this print and silhouette and it is my perfect dress for this prompt. Alas the price tag is too high but maybe one day I can find it somewhere secondhand for much less. Mara Hoffman on Shopbop, $895
The tiered bottom gives it a nice volume and the neck is interesting. I am a bit worried about the silky look of the fabric and how comfortable I would be in it in the thick of summer, but I will try it. Arket, $129
Hate this silhouette. It looks way to frumpy, is not dramatic, and looks lazy. Arket, $119

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